Official Programme Schedule

10 Sep Official Programme Schedule

The official programme schedule for the symposium Between Revolution and Bourgeoisie: Beaumarchais’ Figaro-Trilogy as a Subject for European Opera is now available

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. We are honoured to confirm that amongst the distinguished speakers are the Academy Award winning American composer John Corigliano and the celebrated French composer Thierry Pécou.

Speakers and panelists will be:

  • Jean-Pierre de Beaumarchais (Paris)
  • Daniel Brandenburg (Salzburg)
  • Michele Calella (Vienna)
  • David Cranmer (Lisbon)
  • John Corigliano (New York)
  • Alessandro Di Profio (Paris)
  • Adrian Eröd (Vienna)
  • Albert Gier (Bamberg)
  • Hilde Haider (Vienna)
  • Sabine Henze-Döhring (Marburg)
  • Saverio Lamacchia (Udine)
  • Oliver Láng (Vienna)
  • Werner Ogris (Vienna)
  • Thierry Pécou (Paris)
  • Luca Pisaroni (Vienna)
  • Mathias Spohr (Zurich)
  • Michael Wittmann (Berlin)
  • Patrice Caurier
  • Michael Hampe
  • Moshe Leiser
  • Marco Arturo Marelli

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