The Founding

On 26 May 1992 the Europäische Musiktheater-Akademie (European Academy for Music Theatre, or EMA) was founded in Prague’s Ständetheater by the Research Institute for Music Theatre (Thurnau, Germany), the Vanemuine Theatre (Tartu, Estonia), the Academy of Sciences (Prague, Czech Republic), and the Department of Theatre Studies (University of Vienna, Austria).  In the beginning, the Academy’s main task was to provide support and knowledge to partners from Eastern Europe. After the completion of numerous projects and collaborations, EMA increasingly positioned itself as a dialogue board.

Tasks and Targets

It is the Academy’s target to promote music theatre and its research on a pan-European level. This is achieved by establishing contacts between scientific researchers and those involved in music theatre affiliated domains . At its regular symposia EMA provides its members and associates a high-profile forum for exchanging experience and knowledge as well as for presenting latest developements in research, documentation and music theatre. 

To optimise the European collaboration and activity in music theatre is EMA’s primary aspiration.

Interview: „Die Kunst der Oper, interdisziplinär betrachtet“

Barbara Haack from the magazine Neue Musikzeitung (NMZ) interviews the Secretary General about the Academy’s ambition and qualities. SG Isolde Schmid-Reiter gives an insight into future projects and portrays the organisation’s structure. Read the interview (in German) here.

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