JUST RELEASED: “Music Theatre in Motion. Reflections on Dance in Opera”

26 Apr JUST RELEASED: “Music Theatre in Motion. Reflections on Dance in Opera”

Edited by Isolde Schmid-Reiter and Aviel Cahn

In line with the goal of the European Academy of Music Theatre as a forum for dialogue and exchange between research and artistic practice, the publication sheds light on the intricate connection between the two art forms in different eras and configurations from different viewpoints stemming from both theoretical reflection and practical observation.

With contributions in English by Cindy Van Acker, Koen Bollen, Aviel Cahn, Stijn Celis, David Conway, John Deathridge, Rebecca Harris-Warrick, Amir Hosseinpour, Arnold Jacobshagen, Stephanie Jordan, Katrin Kolo, Sergio Morabito, Joachim Schloemer, Isolde Schmid-Reiter, Christian Spuck, Stephanie Schroedter, Susanne Vill, Demis Volpi

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