Symposium: “Beaumarchais’ Figaro-Trilogy as a Subject for European Opera”

16 Mar Symposium: “Beaumarchais’ Figaro-Trilogy as a Subject for European Opera”

The conference Between Revolution and Bourgeoisie: Beaumarchais’ Figaro-Trilogy as a Subject for European Opera will take place on 16 October at the Mozarthaus Vienna and 17 October at the Vienna State Opera

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. The symposium will trace musical adaptations of the trilogy from the 18th century to the present. International practitioners and scholars as well as Figaro interpreters will, amongst other questions, discuss to what extent the revolutionary vigour had to yield to a bourgeois aesthetics on the plays’ transfer to music theatre.

Speakers and panelists will be: Daniel Brandenburg (Salzburg), Michele Calella (Wien), David Cranmer (Lissabon), Alessandro Di Profio (Paris), Adrian Eröd (Wien), Albert Gier (Bamberg), Hilde Haider (Wien), Sabine Henze-Döhring (Marburg), Saverio Lamacchia (Udine), Oliver Láng (Wien), Werner Ogris (Wien), Luca Pisaroni (Wien), Mathias Spohr (Zürich), Michael Wittmann (Berlin) sowie Patrice Caurier, Michael Hampe, Moshe Leiser und Marco Arturo Marelli. The opening address will be given by Jean-Pierre de Beaumarchais, a descendant of the dramatist

. Two contemporary composers, Oscar winner John Corigliano (New York) as well as Thierry Pécou (Rouen) will discuss their scoring of Beaumarchais’s La Mère coupable, which document the continuing interest in Beaumarchais’s trilogy as a subject for opera.

This symposium is a cooperation of the European Academy of Music Theatre with the Vienna State Opera and the Mozarthaus Vienna